What my clients say:





 Dear Gosia,

Thank you for the amazing work you are doing to help my sister losing weight, getting healthier and increasing her fertility chances despite having P.C.O. 
 The approach of helping her change lifestyle and setting healthier foundations is a great approach.
 It’s a huge life change and I’m so pleased she can work through it with you. 
 No one or nothing has ever really been able to help her make those mindset changes, ( she tried countless times before for many years).
 I ‘m soooo pleased the universe conspired as it did for you to help.   
    S. A.    



 I am writing to you in order to commend the work of the naturopath Gosia Chmielewska who saw me on the14th of May. 

 I am a natural skeptic but I was impressed with the way the information was purveyed, in a manner that was very easy to understand and which put me at ease, leaving me with a very positive outlook. 
As someone who suffers from MS I am only too aware of all the different approaches and hoaxes that exist, which continue to propagate.
And whilst the approach to food and diet was not put forward as a possible cure, I could see through Gosia a way in which it may be able to help with my general sense of wellbeing and increased health.
Gosia was kind and understanding and the fact that she had a medical background really helped me to have some belief in some of the things she was saying.
An important fact for me was that after the session, she did not try and sell me a hundred different remedies and vitamin supplements, as I already use quite a few at the moment.    
Finally, Gosia went the extra mile in order to send me information, and clarify the points that she had made,
something I believe was done in her own time, for which I am very thankful.
 I would be happy to recommend Gosia to any of my friends and relatives and also to many of those in the   MS community
Kind Regards, 
Chris F.




   Thank you for helping me out in an emergency and sorting out my skin break-out before my

   important catwalk shoot.

   I can’t believe how quickly my skin improved through all the amazing herbs and supplements

   you have prescribed for me.  

   Forever grateful

    L. J.

   (Fashion Model)





      Dear Gosia,


   I can’t believe that I actually managed to fast and detox for 7 days under your supervision

   and it wasn’t hard after all! 

   I enjoyed and understood the process of making myself and my health a priority for once!

   I truly feel fantastic and I am thrilled about losing 3,5 kg, having a flat stomach and no more joint ache!

   Everyone is commenting on how great I look and asking me to reveal my secret how I did it!

   I feel and I look 10 years younger because of you!


   Thank you from the bottom of my heart.












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